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Withdrawn and Suspended Accreditations

Suspension of accreditation means the process of temporarily making invalid, in full or for part of the scope of accreditation. Suspension can be at a CAB’s own request or compulsory one. An accredited CAB can ask ATS to suspend accreditation either for part or entire scope of accreditation that was granted, while compulsory suspension implies that ATS can suspend the accreditation on the basis of reports arising from surveillance and assessment activities, failure to meet contractual obligations or as proposed by the Accreditation Committee. Both types of suspensions can last up to 6 months maximum.

Withdrawal of accreditation is a process of cancelling accreditation in full. ATS shall make a decision on accreditation withdrawal by using the same inputs as in case of compulsory suspension.

This section provides an updated list of suspended and withdrawn accreditations.