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Sava Centre Annual Seminar

Annual seminar for accredited conformity assessment bodies (CABs) is traditionally organised in January every year.

The seminar is attended by the representatives of respective ministries, the ATS experts and EU experts, and other lecturers and experts in conformity assessment and accreditation to tackle the most urgent issues or if interested parties wish to be presented a certain topic at the seminar.

Representatives of accredited CABs and companies, professional associations and consumer associations always accept the invitation to attend the seminar in large numbers (over 500 delegates). Additionally, the seminar is attended by the representatives of accreditation bodies from the region.

The purpose of the annual seminar that is held at the Sava Centre is to introduce the representatives of accredited CABs to a larger number of topics pertaining to technical requirements of importance to their work in the field of conformity assessment and accreditation, and to the new sub-laws drafted by the ministries in order to be harmonised with the EU legislation.